Das war Weihnachten 2015 in Uganda – Grüße von Irene & tolle Bilder!

Anbei die Nachrichten und Bilder von Irene. Wundervolle, dankbare Worte, strahlende Gesichter, lachende Kinder. Das sind Bilder die glücklich machen. Vielen vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!!

Dear HFAS friends,

Happy New year to everyone of you. I hope God has kept you well and strong. We are fine and all the children are ok. We were so blessed last year because of your great support and generosity. Thank you for the gifts that you sent for Christmas, the beautiful handmade owls, the sunglasses and cards from Christian and Stephie , the children loved them. Thank you for the special desk calendar. We thank you for all the personal gifts we received; they were all so beautiful and lovely.
It must have taken you a lot of time to plan out all the gifts you sent to us; thank you for taking time to write messages to us. Thank you Ronny, Silke, Johanna and Lucas. Thank you Ralf and Ines. Thank you Bettina for writing to all of us. We loved the painting from a little girl who fixed her picture on it.
We took the children for swimming and they really had fun. We also had a great Christmas in Mbale.

The children will be coming back to Mukono end of January because they are going to undergo training on how to make crafts which we believe can be sold to supplement income for their upkeep. As we had informed you earlier it’s going to be a long holiday because of the presidential elections in February this year. We want the children to learn something during this long holiday which will expand their skills and knowledge.

Please send our thanks and appreciation to all friends who gave and contributed gifts that made the children enjoy such a memorable Christmas.

May God continue to bless you all as you continue to be a great blessing to the children in Uganda.

We wish you a great 2016.


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